Hi. I'm Emily.
I created this blog to share my thoughts with others...
Lately I started to suffer from boredom, so I thought that it's a good way to entertain myself.
I'm a teenager. I'm 16 and I study in 10th grade. I'm obsessed with rock music and all its sorts.
I also like jazz and rock'n'roll but I don't know much about these genres.
I am also very much in love with art of photography... My favorite photographers are Thomas Kettner, Andrew G.Hobbs, Alex Prager, Zhang Jingna, Vitor Shalom and Andrea Giacobbe.
I'm a big fan of Karen Elson because her beauty seems perfect to me.
I also love striptease. I consider it as a great kind of art.
P.S. I'm on AIM - EmilybladeBlade.

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